Friday, August 24, 2007

Summer Vacation!

Sugar Baby watermelon

Gasp... shock... we are actually taking a vacation this summer! This afternoon we head north for a weekend of camping with friends, followed by a lazy week with everyone at our house.

We've all known each other for a lo-oo-ng time and we've done things like this together before, so I can say with certainty that it will be a crazy vacation, albeit the absolute best kind of crazy.

The dishwasher (my BFF*) will be called into service every night. The water will run cold for the last person to shower each morning. We'll stay up obscenely late and wake even later. Suitcases will be piled in the guest room. The 'fridge will be stuffed. We'll drink more mojitos and margaritas than I should state publicly (!). We'll cook up a storm and eat way too much.

Out in the wilderness, the spastic New England weather and hungry mosquitoes will hopefully cooperate. If it rains, as the weatherman predicts it will, one of the three tents will certainly leak.

It will be especially funny if this is someone else's tent.

I can't wait! See you after Labor Day!

* Best Friend Forever. I love it that much.

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