Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beekeeping, Honey and City Bees

During the past year, I've developed a nearly (lucky for L) irresistible itch to start keeping bees. We know two families who have beehives, and we've been lucky enough to sample divine raw honey from both (I posted about one of these lovely families back in June).

Beekeeping requires a tremendous amount of energy, knowledge and skill, and I suspect that most landlords aren't too thrilled with the idea of their tenants setting up beehives in the backyard. I have none of the above requirements, but I do find the world of beekeeping intriguing, so for now I will have to be content with books and a few favourite websites.

It's probably a good idea to leave it at that and honey-eating, for now... I'd like to think that I can brush off a few injuries along the way, but I'm sure I'd feel differently after picking bee stingers out of my hands and feet. Worse still, if all the bees decide to take a daytrip out of the hive, the beekeeper is expected to retrieve the swarm from the neighbor's property. I'd probably get the overwhelming urge to run in the other direction or employ similarly drastic measures!*

When someone patents a reliable bee-training method, I'll certainly be ready:
Bees... sit! Bees... stay! Good bees!

* "What bees? Those bees? Oh, yes, you've definitely got a bee problem. They can't be mine- those aren't even my hives! They just appeared in my backyard. No sirree, I don't know anything about those bees."

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