Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Gourmet magazine went under and I was stuck with two extra years of Bon Appetit, I will admit- I was pissed. And I know I am not the only one. I liked Gourmet's vintage cocktail recipes and food politics pieces; what I do NOT need is yet another recipe for homemade granola. Seriously.

Because I am both lazy and hopeful, however, I have not cancelled my subscription. Instead, I've dutifully flipped through each issue that comes along, hoping for inspiration. More often than not, I pass everything along to my landlady, who reads the issues and then takes them to work, where they get snapped up... and I don't have to feel guilty about wasting a perfectly adequate magazine.

And then I received our weekly CSA e-mail, and what are we getting today? Tatsoi. Bok choy. Radishes. Snap peas. Scallions. For the third week in a row. Don't get me wrong- we love the seasonality of the CSA model, repeats and all, but with full-time jobs and night classes, both of us are a little short on creative cooking brainpower these days.

Last week, because I was in that kind of a mood, everything got the Italian cuisine treatment. In the midst of making our weekly menu+grocery list and not wanting repeats, L and I flipped through a stack of back issues, and what did I find in this month's Bon Appetit? Bok choy. Radishes. Snap peas. Scallions. Add the tatsoi and we'll be able to use up everything, while it's still superfresh, in just two recipes!

Way to pull through, BA! Extend this streak and I may have to reconsider how quickly I give away those issues!

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